From Me to You

by Dylan Tanner

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Th light-hearted Dylan Tanner brings to us a swinging debut with stories of life, love and loss. Full of honesty, full of heart.


released August 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Dylan Tanner San Antonio, Texas

After hearing the earthy, naturalistic sounds on this album it may come to no surprise that Dylan Tanner hails from the Texas hill country. "From Me to You" is an honest, heartfelt and stunning piece of work produced and written by a young and determined songwriter/engineer. The catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms will have you tapping your toes and humming along in no time. ... more

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Track Name: Me
This is me, just like you. Without the beat but with a groove. I've got to say that you are much prettier than me. But that's okay, that's okay. I'm like sit back relax life ain't so hard when your body and mind connect your heart. Why is it so hard? Because we got lost in all the lines, from telephones to dollar signs. I could go on, but I won't. This is me, just like you. Without the beat but with a groove. I've got to say that you are much prettier than me. But that's okay, thats okay. Because your wind filling up my sails is blowing strong from honest tales of the roads and where they go. And where they don't. So to you I'll give an honest gift, an honest heart and here it is all in notes. From me to you.
Track Name: Lonely Crowded City
I went home put my heart at ease, her sweet voice could turn a war to peace. I will stay beside her when I can, make some truth become of promises. Back to the lonely crowded city. Drain me dry and leave me empty. At home I will leave my baby. Back to the lonely crowded city. Don't wanna go. Don't make me go no. Don't wanna go. Don't make me go no, go no. We got lost like we want to be, sang our songs of youth in harmony. Oh my dear I loved so many years, stay right there don't shed another tear. I went home where my love awaits, she carries on at her forgiving pace. If we both are alive I do believe, our love will grow into a family.
Track Name: Things Change
Lately I've been running out of dreams left and right, living house to house. But when I dig deep down, I knew that things would never be the same. I knew that things were bound to change. Things change, things change, they change, things change. Lately I've been down darker roads than Hitler found. But when I dig deep down, I knew that things would never be the same. I knew that things were bound to change. Things change. Hey, things change let it go. Let it go, let it go. Untie your sights despite the love. The love, the love, the love, the love.
Track Name: Settlers
This morning I went walking by myself and I learned three new trees are now growing beside that old house where I grew up, where I'd run and where I bled my first bleeding cut. I was told that life is short, love it all and be just who you want no matter what they say. Well time came on and all I hear is grow up boy, you can't be so damn carefree about everything. Wouldn't you want me to be like you. Well, maybe I'm not following what I see, but what my heart tends to feel in the early morning breeze. All I know is I will be me, and let you be you whatever that may be. If paying for thrills and watching the clock is what really really gets you off then pay and watch and watch and I'll watch in pain. Pay and watch and watch and I'll watch in pain. Life is short don't settle. I'm calling you out and begging your heart to do what you love girl despite your regards to the way that you live and the things that you do, all the other reasons you disapprove.
Track Name: Don't Die
We all got this train to catch, it comes to ease all we can't take back. so rise, so rise to the sun now. You better hurry, hurry. And I hope I hope I, And I hope I don't die. This light in my eye, is getting so near. Waking up to the point of me stating no fear. So rise, so rise to the sun now. You better hurry, hurry. Here I go, the big sun now. Burning down my back bone. I grow tall the big sun now, take away the weight from my backbone. Here I go the big sun now, burning down my backbone. I grow tall, the big sun now. Here I go, I grow tall.
Track Name: The Chase
Back then all the trees were all windy around my house. And I used to spill my guts whenever I wanted, ever I needed. I miss the way, the words they came but never did stray. I miss the way, run jump black dog strut your wool about the day. I won't too soon forget the way I felt when I was able to live life at it's intended reservation in the deep of my red. And I remember that day, the dream I drew, I lost so much but still I chase. And I won't forget that day, the dream I drew away it flew I lost so much but still I chase. Back then all we worried about was the stars and would they shine tonight. We were never upset with what was presented in the most natural light. I miss the way, the sound when nothing hit my ears and man I swear it made me sway. Now where I stay I can't eat and can't sleep but heel to toe I tread, okay!
Track Name: Actors
Well I moved on forget the past, got no regrets and less in bags. I'll carry on, find a better place. Went to LA and met a girl, had four tattoos said save the world. She held my hand, put it to her face, and said I'm aware that we just met but let me try and I sure bet that in one night make you a happy man. I said I like your confidence but that to me just don't make sense, if you don't mind I'll be on my way. And rollin' rollin' on like I'm all alone. But you know that I'm not. Yeah, you know, you know it's you. Well I moved on forget the past, I sold my car and burnt the cash. I swear it all just holds me back. And I hitched a ride to central Texas, met a girl and we had some breakfast in her car and it was sweet. She told me that to leave my fears and lessons learned from prior years, behind me is to simply just pretend. I said I've never been an actor, don't wanna know what doesn't matter, I'll keep to singing about the truth. After all these years of pain, of leather boy and weather change my eyes don't know where to go but straight. Yet up they go and up they see, so far and wide you won't believe a thing I say until it's all been done. Well, done I am and done I'll be, unless you'd like to sing to me the words you feel deep inside your chest. But actors they can't sing a note. They just look at you and someday hope, that you'll believe what they don't know. Actors.
Track Name: Love, Life & Bones
I was young, getting old. Bullets, blood, morning war, I cried for cowboys. I lost blood I was close to. Take my heart it won't be of need anymore. If they want to fight I'll give them a war. Put it all in ink for the kids, that's what history's for. But I got them in my sight and saw nothing more. Love, life and bones, like my own. Die no more. It felt good to feel no bad and everything we've ever heard can be gone when we hear our hearts. It felt good to feel no bad and my heart said to end the war and the young will see from it. Well I ran back down to tell my blood, eagerness flowing. They looked down, shook their heads. Johnny, you can't go talking to them. Well go see for yourself they breathe and they work. I made a sound with my hands, sang and danced and it felt good. Then like the wind we started to run. Lost our hats, dropped our guns, didn't mind we felt good.
Track Name: Weary and Clear
Remember we were so young, did nothing but have fun. All the while you worked, the woods I sat smoked and wrote. Another true love song, of you down on my palm. Said something good is working, oh my palm is throbbin'. And you had me scared there for a broken heart. Dear pit in my stomach it was a false alarm. In time we were re-arranged, for the racking of my brain. There were too many buildings, out there in Austin. But a concrete floor I sat and wrote, clusters of words I dare not spoke. Of doubtful encounters with pain, that we create ourselves we taint. Maybe when we're old and weary, it will all be viewed as clearly, as it should have been long ago. This tune though, I'd probably not wrote. When you had me scared there. But you kept me alive, and I kept you alive. So much for that.
Track Name: Light That was Lost
Call it a plead to a dying breed. For sake of love I'm getting in deep. And going way back before we were born. To talk to the past, let them be warned and let them be. Light that was lost through live's we've cost. We take them by day but cry when they're gone. I believe in a day when this will end. But until then I'll consider us dead. Here we are, we stand taller than our bodies. We are stronger than we were ever taught.
Track Name: Even Decay
Like a rose in sun you bloom, sweeten up and I'm consumed. Like in a fight you won't let go. You've got me in your secret hold, your secret hold. Like a drug you make me high. Will I come down, or will I fly. I am an addict, I hope I stay by you forever, even decay. Even decay.
Track Name: You
I will follow you through all the windows to the sun. Just don't move a muscle counter-act everyone. Let me flow through your body, through your soul. You are so beautiful, girl and you know. I will follow you through all the window to the sun.